Victorian/Art Nouveau inspired woodworking hand saw

by Kevin Mowrer

Being a woodworker and a steampunk illustrator (amongst other things), I really like to have tools that reflect my personal aesthetic. This saw was designed using a modern Disston blade, ground and altered to fit and flow with the custom tiger maple handle I created. It’s crosscut and cuts like a dream with its Japanese style teeth and feels marvelous in the hand.  I don’t mind the few nicks it gets in it over time as it all becomes history on the wood.
Amazing how sometimes when browsing the net you come across something that blows your mind away.  Just like this guy who made that handle. Not once has it occurred to me to do this. It’s a brilliant idea for those who have saws from the big box store with those ugly-looking handles. Now you can replace those ugly plastic handles by making your own traditional wooden ones, and one that fit’s your hand. One thing you can’t do is sharpen those saws as the teeth are specially hardened teeth. They’re meant to be throw away saws as soon as the teeth get blunt. In Australia they sell for about $30, and in the US I’m sure it will be much less. Anyway, If you don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on an oldie, then this may end up being a good inexpensive viable option.

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