The Best Axe Review

I’ve been on the hunt for an axe, a hewing axe in particular. The prices vary and for a quality hewing axe is quite cost prohibitive, $330 to be exact. So, unless you can afford to part with that sort of money you have to ask yourself how badly do I need one and is there another other work around to achieve the same results.

The type of work I need doing is to hew slabs of varying thicknesses with live edges A drawknife should do the trick, but a broad hewing axe that has a bevel on one side and is flat on the other would do a quicker job. There is an issue of clamping slabs securely whilst working it with the drawnife. This wouldn’t be the case with an axe as I can hold the slab in one hand and work it with the other so, clamping is definitely an issue. Here is a picture of the broad axe I would like to get

It’s hand made in Ukraine and is really quite beautiful isn’t it?. Just by looking at it, the quality of workmanship is just striking and that’s the thing. This is a tool that will last a lifetime and beyond and if one will use that tool consistently then price shouldn’t be the reason not to buy it. But in my case it just may end up being in the tool box more often than not. So I’m conflicted on what to do.

Here is the website as promised that offers good unbiased with no bias preference to country reviews.

4 thoughts on “The Best Axe Review

  1. You won’t regret it Salko. I have that very axe and love it … and find myself using it more often than for the reason I bought it (bowl carving). It was worth the wait; order now. 🙂


    1. Wow a bowl? It didn’t even cross my mind it could carve a bowl. But of course it could it could do the outer and then the adze would finish off the inside. Thanks for the heads up Bob.


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