A video on box making with hand tools

Have you heard of Richard Maguire, I’m sure some of you have and some of you haven’t. He used to make work benches and I’m not entirely sure what he does now. He started a woodworking blog called The English Woodworker where from time to time he makes excellent instructional videos for sale on building furniture entirely by hand.

This small video above I’ve shared with you from his YouTube channel is a pleasure to watch. The box he makes is nothing fancy in fact I care very little for it. But what’s captivated me is how the tools he uses just sings in his hands. You can truly say that the tools are an extension of his body, that and his tools are one. I love the wooden planes work so beautifully in his hands and btw the try plane and coffin smoother he made them himself. Richard is a phenomenal craftsman and an excellent informative teacher.

Something I’ve noticed though is the similarities in the style of work between himself and Paul Sellers. The way they plane and feather off their strokes or their ripping and cross cutting in the vice and chopping a mortise with a bench chisel. I could be wrong on this but it may be a British thing. The Americans work differently without going into any detail and us Aussies who are few left that still work by hand are a cross between the two nations. It may interest you to know that only 2% of Australians nationwide continue to work wood by hand. The largest in the world being the Unites States then England. Unfortunately the rest of the Europe is just as disinterested in hand work as Australia. I can’t remember where I came across these statistics but it was by chance that I did. If I happen to come across them again I will post them here for you to look at.

Enjoy the video.

4 thoughts on “A video on box making with hand tools

  1. Salko,
    Richard is a hoot to watch, thanks for the video I had not seen it before. I think one of the reasons Maguire and Sellers work in similar ways is both were classically trained in the British apprenticeship system.

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