6 thoughts on “The Anthony Hay Cabinet Shop

  1. Cool stuff. In the second video regarding tool storage, I never thought working out of a tool chest would be good for me. Pulling tools out from the bottom and then putting them back many times a day just never seemed efficient to me. But perhaps if I lived in a more humid area, I’d need better storage like a chest to keep the tools from rusting.

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    1. I like the look of them and I too thought they wouldn’t be efficient and I guess if you needed to grab several various tools continuously it would be inefficient. But who does? You only use a few tools on every project so going back and forth to the chest would be limited. I live in a humid environment so making one for myself is a must have. I think it’s important to spend some time to designing the tray properly to house all the tools neatly and not look like a joiners chest like Chris Schwarz has.


  2. Niedowiary ze zawod stolarza jest taki interesujący i ciekawy Bardzo dobrze i fachowo pokazana wrecz sztuka ciosania z drzewa pieknych rzeczy A ze sam mam zawod stolarza meblowego jestem pełen podziwu dla twórcow i glownego aktora tego filmu Brawo Jest SUPER

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