Quran Stand

Made from American red oak. I’ve never had the pleasure of working with this beautiful wood before as it’s an imported species and very expensive in Australia.

As always everything is entirely handmade. I added wrought nails as more of a decorative feature than anything else. I had to experiment on some offcuts to find the correct hole size so it wouldn’t split the wood. I was surprised at its superior holding power.

The finish applied is a non toxic clear oil which is applied over a three day period. I don’t like to apply stain over any timber other than pine.

2 thoughts on “Quran Stand

  1. Nice one, Salko. I like the scroll details, as well as the details on the bar that keeps the book from sliding down. I was looking to see if there was anything besides the top that connects the legs, but I guess those nails hold a rail between the legs, just under the rear aspect of the top. Red oak is fairly cheap here. I’ve worked with it a lot, but I’m kind of tired of it. I’m hoping to work with some cherry and others (that aren’t too expensive) in the future.

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    1. Thanks Matt, the legs are inserted into dados and yes the nails hold the rails between the legs. They are super strong and add character and style to it.


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