19 thoughts on “Who’s ever done this?

  1. Given some of the crazy things the radial arm saw disciples used to say that tool could do and the pictures of them surfacing boards in the owner’s manuals, I’m only surprised someone didn’t make the equivalent comment of “that’s nothing, hold my beer” and show how you could sharpen your chisels on a radial with the blade tilted 90 degrees or parallel to the bench and mount a grinding wheel.

    Now granted I have a radial arm saw but I simply use it to break down stock to rough length.

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      1. Yeah an oscillating sander would do the trick, but I think the other way you mentioned with having a long drum would create a heat build up much more quickly then the smaller drum would.

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      1. Good point, but I would want to know he would in the first place. The Veritas blades come apart other than the small router plane which then I would understand.


  2. Considering my drill press, freehand drilling is probably more accurate. I’d be really suspicious of the results when doing this trick. It looks like a Rube Goldberg cartoon.

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