Screw gauge chart

I have written up for myself today a screw gauge chart that I will hang on my shop’s wall for reference. Trying to remember what gauge screw I used on any of previous projects is a nightmare so, I thought if I’m going to write one up for myself I should also share it with you.

You can either print it from this pic which isn’t a high res pic or download the PDF and print in high resolution.

You’re Welcome

5 thoughts on “Screw gauge chart

    1. Nice article on series progresssion.
      For a little more numbers fun checkout the video “Powers of Ten” produced by Ray and Charles Eames. They also designed some comfortable chairs.


      1. I had to do a little more research of finding the head size and head diameter for 3, 2 and 1 forget 0. It was a pain in the backside trying to work it out myself so I searched and searched and came across a business with all the dimensions. I needed this for cad work


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