9 thoughts on “Blot out squeezed out glue

  1. If squeeze-out is expected to be a problem, apply masking tape to both sides of the glue joint so that all squeeze-out ends up on the tape. Wiping, even with a damp rag, still leaves some glue in the wood’s pores that can negatively impact finish results. Masking tape costs a little money, and takes a few minutes to apply, but is absolutely reliable and doesn’t require immediate action during the glue-up, or even the same day, a big deal when doing a complicated glue-up to a severe schedule. Stan

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  2. As an alternative to saw dust, Paul Sellers wipes with a handful of shavings. He said the glue cures faster if you remove the squeeze-out.


    1. I always found that an odd way to clean up glue. Atleast water does some kind of a job but he smears it everywhere and then lets it dry. It’s ok on table tops and other easy to plane areas but on joints it would be a nightmare trying to plane it out. Personally along the joint lines I would follow Stan’s suggestions of using masking tape.


      1. Telling people to wipe PVC glue squeezeout off with anything (shavings, sawdust, rag (Norm Abram!) etc) is as good as telling people to use glue-sawdust mix to repair blunders. Of course, it will work if you’re going to sand (deep), or plane the surface afterwards — or in the case of glue-sawdust, you don’t mind second-rate fixes.

        Anyone who believes Paul Sellers or Norm Abram that it’s a good technique to remove glue should try it themselves and then put a finish on the work.

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