A New Addition to the site

As if my life wasn’t busy enough, I’ve added more free content to the site by adding free plans. I have drawn and redrawn these plans myself so I know they are accurate. Many of times I have worked from other people’s plans and I was very disappointed come assembly time. This has inspired me to draw and redraw my own because only then will I know that they’re right.

Also, I worked out how to link each page, meaning there is no stupid dropdown menu displaying all the way down the page to the middle of the earth. I will fix those links at some other time. All you do is click the thumbnail picture and it will take you to the blueprint’s page and download from there. Remember, all this is FREE. So why is it free? Because I’m such a loveable guy or I have too much time on my hand which believe me I don’t so I must be a loveable guy. 🙂

If by any chance you find an error, then let me know. One last thing don’t expect too much at once, I will fill it up over time and over many years if I’m still around and please I don’t accept requests.

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