No more free plans

I really tried my best to offer you something I thought would generate a lot of interest that would help you out in the long run for free. Since uploading, only two people have downloaded my plans.

WordPress offers 3 gigs to keep a free account. After that they charge. Seeing that I’m not generating an income from this blog, paying for it would be ludicrous. Also using up precious free space for something there’s no interest is also ludicrous. I would rather post useful articles and builds and utilise the gifted free space on that.

So I’m sorry to say but from today I will be deleting the free plans and get back the space that I used. For those two people who did download them, I hope you have fun building your projects.

Take care everyone


9 thoughts on “No more free plans

    1. Everyday I posted something. I didn’t want to bombard people everyday when I made a new upload, I just figured they would check regularly. As it turns out, you’re the only one that’s made an enquiry. Ironic though, when I first introduced the idea of having a free plans section there was some enthusiasm. I don’t know, it must be a covid thing that does something to people mood swings.


  1. Use another host and then link into your blog. Vimeo for videos, (Or Youtube), there are a lot of photo host sites, IMGUR is popular with users of Reddit, I’ve never done it but other people link to .pdf for wordier documents.

    What you are offering is niche, it’s a good and interesting niche, no longer relevant to my life as I am limited by handicaps now. Best of luck!


    1. No such thing as handicap. My back and neck are shot, gone, broken, shattered and whatever other painful description I could give. Yet I chose to continue with the craft that I love using the most labour intensive type of woodworking because I love to work as they once upon did150 years and more ago. No such thing as handicap other than what you affix in your mind.


      1. You are wrong to generalize here, I’ve broken bones..even vertabrae, blown discs, missing two now. Too many surgeries to count. There are far,far worse things out there. Trust me. Two brain surgeries slowed me down, as a matter of fact the craniotomy was brutal BUT there are worse things out there than brain surgery. You have led a blessed life. We all have difficult struggles in our life but some learn to live with a h*ll you have never experienced or likely could not comprehend. Broken bones and pulled muscles heal, prognoses are usually lingering pain but functionality remains.

        If you knew me or even read some of my posts on the subject you’ll find I do an excellent job of overcoming..terrible (better word) living with my handicaps. I’m doing good things with the hand I was dealt.

        Do not tempt fate by saying such things…you meant one thing but ended up insinuating I, and other handicapped people, lack fortitude, will or strength. You are in error, sir.

        In honor of a couple of my 24-7 wheelchair bound friends who have gone on in their fields yet could not physically do what you are wrong. You said some generalized things that are a great insult to others. It was not your intention but there it is.


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      2. I apologise and I was clearly wrong. I had not idea it was that bad for you. I said those things because I normally come across people who suffer my kind of pain. I try to toughen them up by changing their mindset. I truly apologise for offending you as you know that was never my intention. I have worked with many handicapped people with all sorts of problems in the past, most were wheel chair bound. After having read what you have gone through I feel deep sympathy for you. I’m really lost for words and am very embarrassed not to mention ashamed. My heart goes out to you and once more please accept my sincerest apologies.

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      3. A friend told me, lordie, twenty (already!) years ago that “God made you handicapped because you are a pushy Broad. You are going to make things better for other handicapped people.” She was right. I advocate for others. Loudly.

        I’m sorry to say through the loss of dreams, two much loved careers, the loss of function and the accrual of pain I can be right cranky.

        In the arts alone I have friends who slog through and do well with Brittle Bone Disease, Spina Bifada amongst other challenges. In my enforced retirement I’ve made friends with someone who has Lupus..then she got breast cancer. (Woof. After the first brain surgery God gave me cancer. It was an easier cancer. It was just surreal though, you think God wouldn’t do you like that but he does.)

        One friend though, he has Parkinsons. Parkinson’s can bugger right off. He was a producer, can’t work now, he was a producer who gave me a lot of work and when my handicaps began showing up he said, “I could never be handicapped. I would never allow it.” Bazinga. Twenty years later God gave him Parkinson’s. One of the worst.

        When you wrote earlier I thought..”Oooooo man, don’t tempt God like that, he’ll strike you down like he did David.”

        That said, I know what you meant. Why does God give perfectly good bodies to slack-arsed lazy people who don’t use them? Pain is hard and some people are whiners (I whine alot … in my home.). Those people are not survivors. They don’t know what they are missing.

        Thank you. I’ll bet you could help younger handicapped people with wood working. It takes skill to understand another person’s handicaps and modify/adapt so they can learn to love wood working as much as you do. Maintaining a feeling of self-worth is one of the biggest challenges facing handicapped people. It is why I work so hard to help others when I need all the help I can get.

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  2. Why God does all this in my view is to test you. He gives good health to test what you will do with it and takes it away to see how you will respond to that. Will you be patient or will you curse. It is a mighty trial and I pray I never have to go through it and I pray for those who are going through it that He either cures them or makes it easier for them. I pray for you.


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