Results from the new saw filing technique

Having sharp tool is a must in the craft, for many reasons including safety. When you work with blunt tools accidents happen because you’re exhorting more pressure on the tool than needed. Most cringe at the idea of using a handsaw to saw a board. They think it’ll take forever to get the job done and their arm would drop off from fatigue. None of this is true if your saw is sharp. There are of course some species of wood like iron bark where even a circular saw would struggle, let alone a handsaw. I avoid these types of wood. The picture you see below is American white oak, this is a tough timber to saw, plane and chisel. Yet I sawed through it with little effort at all because I sharpened my saw using the technique I recently learned upon reading Mark’s article. Look at the clean surface it left on the end grain and the very minimal tear out on the back side. There is a steep learning curve to sharpening saws, something I’m working towards getting real good at. You need a good saw vice, the right size high quality saw files, and plenty of patience through practice. In time, you’ll get to be a great beginner.

Now I’m going back to finish the rest of my saws. Thanks Mark.

6 thoughts on “Results from the new saw filing technique

  1. I don’t own a bandsaw (but want to) or a table saw (don’t want or need one) so I saw by hand. It’s not that big of a deal to saw by hand and I’ve even done it on 4×8 sheets of plywood. Cross cutting is really easy. Long rip cuts can be tiring (especially in thick oak or ash) but I’d rather do this than lift weights. Five years into woodworking, my arms and shoulders are noticeably stronger though I never will be seen as a bodybuilder.

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    1. Yes it true Joe, your arm gets stronger when sawing, your upper body gets a work out when planing. After a full say’s work out you’re too tired to go to the gym. I own a bandsaw and it sure does make ripping thick stick a breeze, but the guilt kicks in real quick and the feeling of a factory worker overwhelms you. Before you know it, it sucked all the fun out of woodworking. Once I can afford to buy the kit from Blackburn, I’m selling my bandsaw


  2. Awesome post. I like your new saw filling techniques. You have shared essential new saw filling techniques and ideas. I agree with a lot of your views.

    Thanks for your great submission.


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