Roubo Frame for saw for Sale

I’ve made a new frame for my saw and am now selling the old one.

This is why I’ve made it first out of pine, because I wanted to test it out for a while before I commit to a design and make it out of more expensive wood like Qld walnut that I’m eventually going to do. There’s nothing wrong with using pine as it’s a straight grained timber. It’s perfectly suited for this saw and will last you a lifetime.

For me this frame is too heavy to use as a one man saw. I know Shannon Rogers uses it successfully without appearing to break a sweat. As for me, it’s a bloody hard workout that isn’t necessary so, I modified the frame and it seems to suit me much better. I brought the stretches in much closer to where I can resaw 4″ thick wood and I made one arm smaller. This brought the weight down significantly and much to my surprise it didn’t affect the speed of the cut.

Before I commit to the new design, I want to use it for a while and see if this is what I want. No use in wasting good wood that’s very hard and very expensive to get anymore.

The stretchers are not glued to the frame as it’s meant to be taken apart at will for easy storage or transportation, much like a bow saw. The frame is finished with shellac and then rubbed down and waxed.

There really isn’t any point in me keeping it since I will never resaw such thick timber. Maybe this frame will suit someone else better than me, so I want to sell it for a very low price of AU$50.00

If anyone is interested please shoot me an email

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