Americanax Glassport PA Broad Hatchet 1889-1921

A new welcomed addition to my woodworking family of tools. It’s a broad axe used for hewing timber. The age of the tool is unknown, but it’s predicted to be anywhere between 1889-1921. Irrespective of the age, this is a must-have tool for any serious hand tool woodworker. One side has a bevel, and the other has no bevel meaning it’s flat and that’s the side you hew the timber with. This axe found its way from the US to Oz and once more it will be put in use. I’ve sharpened it to a razor edge and I mean razor. The beauty about hand tools over machinery is that they never breakdown. They’re easy to store and take with you. However, the skill required to use them comes at a hefty price over a lifetime of dedication and hard work.

Flat one side for hewing

Ain’t she a beauty.

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