Mitre Box Tie-Bar Corrected

John Sayles, a collector of mitre boxes and reader of this blog, was kind enough to inform me that the tie-bar as it’s called was incorrectly set up. The tie-bar helps to give rigidity to the uprights which are those four long cylindrical rods that the saws slides in between. John said “The tie bar goes through the slot in the caps, not on top of it.” You saw in the video I couldn’t tighten the screws to stop the tie-bar from wriggling. Initially, I put two washers to tighten it, but when John said no it goes through the slots, it all made sense. Now the screw locks the tie-bar down snugly. I appreciate for giving me a heads up John.

Tie-Bar incorrectly set
Tie-Bar inserted through the steady slots

The restoration is complete and I’ll be doing a write up on it. I am now even more happy with my Stanley. I have another mitre box with the patent date 1904 that I will put up for sale on the Woodwork Forums

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