How To Make a Hand-Engraved Hammer with Simple Tools

The video description is from the maker himself.

In this video I am showing how I made a simple hand engraved hammer without a forge or fancy tools. For the Hammerhead I have used a 25mm by 25mm steel bar (1” x 1”) and cherry wood for the handle, cherry is not ideal for hammer handles but it is beautiful and this hammer will get very light abuse, ideally hickory or ash wood is used.

7 thoughts on “How To Make a Hand-Engraved Hammer with Simple Tools

  1. Awesome. I didn’t realize that your blog here is connected to that YouTube channel. I have been watching your work on YouTube for a long time. It’s a great channel. Didn’t you move a year (or three – time flies) or so ago into a bigger shop.

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    1. There is nothing misleading about it. The video link goes directly to his channel. The video itself shows the maker and I have written about him in the past which my readers already know about his work.


      1. It is of course your choice. However, beginning your own post with the words ‘In this video I am showing’ suggests that it is YOUR video where YOU are showing…. If I linked to other people’s content by copying their video description, I would at least indicate that the text I use in my post in the first person is the video description from YouTube.

        I think the other comment goes to show that people get confused.

        Again, it is your choice. It is just a suggestion because I think you have a great and very respectable blog that I very much enjoy reading.

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  2. I enjoyed the hammer video and will look at it again I am sure. The history of tools and woodworking is of even greater interest and I shall come back to it as well.
    Lincoln Handford

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