Sandvik No.277 Handsaw for Sale

This is a lovely vintage Sandvik No.277 crosscut handsaw. The blade length is 26″/650mm and the teeth are 8ppi (points per inch) and are very sharp. The wooden handle is carved with a dragon design and is secured to the blade with brass screws and a brass medallion. I got it new in the late 1980s or early 1990s when I was in my late teens learning the craft and have taken excellent care of it ever since, cleaning and oiling the handle on a regular basis.
I’m selling it since I already own a lot of saws and need to downsize. I hope it finds a new home with someone who will treasure it as much as I did.

Asking Price AUD$140 plus postage

6 thoughts on “Sandvik No.277 Handsaw for Sale

      1. It depends…Best case scenario. Even if you send it as gift and under 2kgs with packaging… I would have to pay impor taxes, custom fees and 23% VAT of everything (shiping+taxes+estimated value of the object)


      2. Worst case scenario I would pay all of the above and get a call to go to the customs office and explain why I didn’t fill the forms for proper import goods, and pay some more taxes…. Unless You fill the forms for a proper export and pay the taxes in advance…


      3. I checked!
        Rule of thumb for each 100€ add 40€ plus all the trouble and time. For books rules are diferente. Its not going to happen


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