Wooden Smoother

A wooden smoother from England. It was a gift sent to me from my beautiful nephew. The plane is like new, hardly used with a tight mouth. I’ve flattened the sole and worked the iron. I’m not entirely satisfied with it as I need to figure out why the mouth gets clogged after a few shavings. It arrived only today so there’s some figuring out to do before I open the mouth.

I would like to know your thoughts on it. Help me find a solution.

9 thoughts on “Wooden Smoother

  1. I look forward to your analysis of the clogging issue. My wooden planes (I have several) also clog. I have studied the issue extensively, but have not yet solved it. The wings of the wedge are suspect as a cause.

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  2. It’s hard to tell without a picture of the wedge in place & the angle of the escapement. More than likely the design of the leading edge of the wedge. Take a pass or two & focus on the action of the shaving as it meets the wedge & if the shaving doesn’t smoothly deflect toward the front of the escapement, then the leading edge of the wedge needs to be revised. Also make sure the wedge contacts the blade tightly with no gaps near the cutting edge. Hope it helps.


  3. Hi Salko. I’ll second William’s idea of the wedge wings. I had that issue with my homemade try plane. If the wings are not touching the sides of the throat, shavings can get caught and cause a clog. In addition, if the ends of the wings are not touching the cap iron, shavings can get caught between the two. Another thing to check is that the cap iron and iron mate perfectly – any gap can cause shavings to jam. Let us know how you get on.

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    1. You gave me some good pointers. I’m glad some people actually read my posts. I have checked the cap iron and flattened it anyway and gave it a polish as well.


  4. Hi Salko

    Not a smoother, but on a jack plane… Cap iron can not be as close as on a metal plane or it’ll clog. Shavings curl intensively..
    And the wedge had a few splinters loose (for lack of a better description) which some judicious filing cured that culprit.
    My wedge had also shrunk so the wings were protruding by like half a mm or so….
    Took me some trial and error but now works perfectly.



  5. Concerning your query about whether anyone reads you posts — I read everyone of them. My hope is that someday my skill approaches yours.

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