New Depth Stop for the Small Plow Plane

Many of you have undoubtedly missed this improvement, which was introduced in 2016.
It’s a clamp that firmly clamps down on the depth stop’s shaft to prevent it from accidentally moving.
I’ve had this problem ever since I purchased the plough (plow) plane back in the day when the Australian dollar was equal to the American dollar.

None of my attempts to stop it from moving, including heavily clamping it down with pliers and sanding the cylinder, were successful. Ever since the upgrade, It’s no longer a concern. I even created a brief film to demonstrate how effective this improvement is. The sucker can even be held in by lightly clamping down on it.
Also, it is free. In addition to the upgrade and other unexpected gifts, Lee Valley sent them to me via express shipping for free. That is customer service, and many companies might benefit from their example.
Anyway, I wanted to let you know about this fantastic discovery. You can watch my video

Using this link, you can order the free upgrade from the Lee Valley Page: Free Upgrade

2 thoughts on “New Depth Stop for the Small Plow Plane

  1. I just desired to reach out with a modicum of gratitude for your ongoing efforts to keep our beloved trade from disappearing into yesteryear’s abyss & helping bring this knowledge to new generations of cabinetmakers. I personally enjoy reading the new posts & try to comment when my experience warrants it. I would like to ask if you have any recommendations regarding reputable lumber purveyors in Australia where I could find superior Australian native hardwoods? I appreciate any insight & information you can provide & thank you again for your perseverance & dedication.


    1. Thank you for your very inspiring words. I can only speak for my locality and of course sadly but true depending on how many you are going Briton Timbers would be your best bet at getting quality timbers.


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