My name is Salko Safic I live and work wood in Australia on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland and am a third generation woodworker working wood predominantly with hand tools.  To me hand tools is not about some romanticism with the past well may be a little but it’s focus is more on skill and to be free of any dependencies on machinery.

200 years ago in the late 18th century  basically from 1770 man has reached what I call the pinnacle of craftsmanship.  This was the age of mastery, beauty, perfection and true skill.  It wasn’t until the 19th century when machinery through steam powered and foot powered tablesaws and spindle mouldings were invented did this craftsmanship begin to fall.  The golden age of the 18th century was being slowly torn apart with the introduction of Industrialisation and mass production.  As we see today this greed for profit has led to an over supply of throw away objects but more importantly to mass unemployment and skill less craftsman.

This blog is not about hand tool woodworkers vs machine operating woodies. It’s about my journey as a journeyman woodworker.  I’m self taught and have been working wood for just over 20 years.  Many times I feel like I’m just starting out and other times the day goes so smoothly and production flows like water out of a tap.  That’s life and that’s real woodworking.  I do not proclaim myself to be a master of any kind as mastery takes a life time if one has dedicated his life to the craft and not just a few hours in a week or two.

I hope you join me on this wonderful journey which is an adventure in this wonderful craft of woodworking and share my experiences as a craftsman, its joy, it’s trials its tribulations, its frustrations and its beauty and art and most importantly the learning experience.

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