Amara Rose


  • 18″ x 9 3/4″ x 4 1/4″
  • 480mm x 250mm x 110mm


  • New Guinean Rosewood


  • 4″ (100mm) Diameter Fancy Arabic dial with solid brass bezel and curved glass. High quality battery powered movement, takes AA batteries


  • Kunos Livos Natural – German made 100% natural oil finish.


Another fine piece of artwork that is entirely handmade. This timber wall clock would look great in any home, it has character, style, beauty and charisma. The scroll work is just simply stunning, every curve is crisp and sharp coming to a fine point which can only be done hand no machine can ever replicate.

The joinery methods are simple yet strong comprising of stopped housing, grooves and mortise and tenon joinery.  The entire clock is glued with animal protein glue called hide glue. This glue is reversible so if it ever needs repairing even 5000 years from now any antique repair shop can reverse the glue and repair the joint without damaging the clock  case. This is the same glue that has been in use for 8000 years and our museums and antique shops are filled with furniture that this glue still holds strongly together. No other modern day glue is reversible (with the exception to some small degree yellow glue) and natural.