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This is the last of the catalogues I’m going to post unless I find one dated back to the 18th century which I don’t even know if they actually had toolmakers who made tools as a business. Generally woodworkers and blacksmiths made tools for themselves and the latter for woodworkers.  Anyhow, I feel the catalogues I posted is more than enough.

Stanley Tool Catalogue no.34 – 1958

I am offering for download this tool catalog from Stanley.  There are many vintage tools available on the market today and this catalog will help you identify each tool, it’s use but most importantly its parts.  Many times sellers on eBay either due to lack of knowledge or intentionally mislead their buyers by claiming all the parts are there or that’s in an antique when it’s a vintage.  I have seen a plane listed as vintage when it was actually built in the 90’s.  Unfortunately this particular seller’s response was “boohoo” yes I know it’s hard to believe that such people do exist but they’re out there.  So when you buy, do so with open eyes and arms yourselves to the teeth with knowledge about the product before you do so.

The download is through megasync, it’s my personal account where I backup all my drawings.

Don’t worry there is no copyright issues with this.  If I find anymore I’ll post it.

Stanley catalog no.34 1958