Issue 8 October 2019 OUT NOW!


It’s been a long haul that I never thought it was going to get completed.  Complete it is though with many great articles including the “Wooden Book Stand” project. Book stand holders have been around for hundreds of years. The one I designed is to be used in a seated position. The book holder is a swivel type that’s locked in position by turning the wooden screw and nut. There are many challenging aspects of this project, but none that is too difficult to complete. The stand is made out of pine, I show you how I create a blotch free finish using spirit stains that in normal circumstances isn’t possible.

The plans are available for purchase in my Etsy Store

Issue 8 is available in my Etsy Store.



17th Century Style Shoe Rack


I’m a fan of carved projects be that furniture, boxes, clocks, etc.  I haven’t attempted to try carving the fancy stuff from the 18th century but one of these days soon I will, God willing.  So, I’ve started off with the 17th century which I like very much.


In comparison to the shoe rack I initially made for my wife some years back which is different to the one made for Issue 7 of the magazine, you can see by the side-by-side comparison it’s much larger and heftier. My wife is heavily into fitness training so you can see all her running shoes. Maybe one day soon I will sign up to the gym and hopefully build up some strength again for woodworking.


I guess that isn’t a great photo to show off the sides, but when I make another one I’ll do a better shot. I used 1 1/4″ cut nails to nail the battens. I realised that it would’ve been better aesthetically had I used rose head wrought nails. On the next one I make that’s what I will be using.

wrought nail


Here is another shot of the same side in case it comes up better on your monitors. Every monitor is different so visual appearances are also different. To be somewhat closer to period correctness I should’ve used Red oak. I definitely don’t have red oak in this thickness nor pockets deep enough to afford it. I know Follansbee has access to green logs of red oak and what seems to be he has an endless supply; I don’t. So my choice was limited to pine. Pine worked out fine for this type of carving, but I wouldn’t recommend it for the fancy 18th century style of carving. Let’s just say the wood misbehaves.

I was thinking about putting a dark stain on it, but thought it may ruin it by giving it muddy look.  I will experiment though and just put this theory to test.

For now, I have a new project I was commissioned for which may end up in the upcoming issue of The Lost Scrolls of HANDWORK Magazine. I hope you’ve all enjoyed Issue 7.


Issue VII June 2019 OUT NOW!

Just how Matt and I do it even amazes me. Where there is a will there is always a way.

We’re very excited to bring you another new release Issue VII after many months of silence but hard work behind the scenes.  We also cut the number of pages from over 100 to something more reasonable under 30. The digital plans for the Ottoman Style Shoe Shelf are available in my Etsy Store.

Now for an important announcement:

The cost of producing “The Lost Scrolls of Handwork” has reached a point that is beyond one man’s income. Of the seven issues released to date, six have been free of charge. I thought it would be possible to continue providing a free magazine but as it stands, I can no longer burden my family with the cost. I hope you can understand my predicament. Beginning with Issue 8, I will start charging US$5.00 for the magazine, and it will be available through Etsy.
The magazine has grown and improved since it was first released in June 2017 and it can continue to grow with your support. Please consider purchasing future issues to help ensure the magazine – and our craft – continue.


Working Hard on Issue VII


I can’t believe we’re already on the seventh Issue. I’ve been at it hard, building, photographing and writing and Matt’s been at it even harder trying to make sense of my words, but it’s all for you guys and gals. It’s the love of the craft, but more importantly it’s our love for sharing knowledge that continues to motivate us. There’s no monetary incentive for either of us, just sheer passion.

The work bench is cluttered with tools and wood that will be the feature project in the upcoming Issue. I called it the Ottoman Shoe Shelf. It’s 15 3/4″ in height and 30’ long. It has raised panels, mortise and tenons, through wedged tenons, scroll work, grooves for the panels etc. It will challenge you.  I have really taken a liking to ancient Arabian furniture and will build more similar items based on that theme in the future. The shoe shelf is not a copy of any historically based shoe shelf, instead it’s my design.

I cannot say for sure when the next issue will be released because of work, but all I can say is I’m working hard and Matt’s working hard to get it done, and when it’s done, we’ll start work on the issue after that.

One last thing, share the magazine with as many websites and people you can.

Cheers from down under.

Going above and beyond for you

I don’t know if you’ve ever read the fine print, but in case you didn’t, you will find a very nice surprise. It reads in short: “This publication may not be reproduced or sold but the project articles may be used for commercial use.” I have amended this to “but the projects I have written in the articles may be used for commercial use.”
What this means to you is that I am giving you the rights to produce and sell the projects I have written in the magazine. You cannot take ownership of the designs and declare them as your own designs, but I give you the rights to reproduce them for sale. I am the only woodworking magazine or “DIY” magazine in the world that has eliminated copyright from the projects featured in a magazine.
Having said that, our authors control their work at all times. What this mean to you, that if you wish to reproduce an item for sale from any of our authors that has contributed project articles to the Lost Scrolls of HANDWORK, then you must seek their permission in writing to do so.
I believe I am being fair to both parties.

BTW did you enjoy Issue VI?
Here is the full amended version of the disclaimer:
“The Lost Scrolls of HANDWORK” is an amateur woodworking eBook magazine publication.
This publication may not be reproduced or sold but the projects I have written in the articles may be used for commercial use. Project blueprint/working drawings may not be copied, sold and redistributed through any physical or electronic means. Any texts, video, sound and artwork are the property of the respective contributing authors. They may not be used in any manner including reproducing items for sale without the express written consent of the individual writers. Our authors control their work at all times. Any of the content/s found within HANDWORK have been freely given to be published in HANDWORK free of charge by the contributing authors or are public domain. The Lost Scrolls of HANDWORK eBook Magazine accepts no responsibility in respect of the content of any site to which a hypertext link from this eBook exists. The links are provided with no warranty, express or implied, as to the information provided within them.

P.S. I’ve had to amend this declaration because of risk of some unsavoury types who would wish to take advantage of this good will  and take ownership of the projects.

The Lost Scrolls of HANDWORK December Issue VI is OUT NOW

Many great new articles, featuring Ron Aylor our contributing author “An Ambitious Endeavour.” I want to thank Ron for his contribution and would like to extend my invitation to you our readers to contribute articles towards the magazine.

Old hand tools for our readers only is offering a 10% discount on all their tools. This will be valid from 14 Dec. 2018 – 12 Jan. 2019. You must enter LOSTSCROLLS10 as the voucher code in the box at checkout. This discount does not include shipping.

To help with the running costs of this free magazine, I have set up a shop on Etsy and a PayPal donation button on the front page of this blog. The material costs in Australia is excessively high. So to help purchase woods and other materials for projects and articles that will feature in this magazine, I need financial help. So please support the shop if you can and donate if you can.

Download your free copy of Issue VI here.


ISSUE VI Release this Weekend!



I never thought I would get it done but I have a great team member Matt McGrane, without him it wouldn’t even get off the ground.  I want to thank Ron Aylor for his contributing a great article “An Ambitious Endeavour” Ron is a long time unplugged woodworker from Virginia.

Man ‘m so tired from a 14 hour shift that I will keep this short. The Release will be on Saturday 15th December 2018.  Every release from here on out will fall on a Saturday.

This time the number of pages hasn’t been blown out of proportion, so this time you will feel like you’re reading a magazine and not an encyclopedia.

Also Old hand tools is offering a 10% discount of all their tools not including shipping for our readers only. This will be valid from 14 Dec. 2018 – 12 Jan. 2019. You must enter LOSTSCROLLS10 as the voucher code in the box at checkout.

From Matt and myself we would like to wish everyone a happy holidays or Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and happy and safe new year.

Issue 6 scheduled for release in Dec.

I’m just finishing another project article and I think you’ll like it. This time I added dovetails just to make it a little more challenging for those still learning. All these projects are not just for beginners, but for all levels of woodworkers. I also have a small refurbishment article on a jewellery box which I think you’ll like too.

My personal projects I won’t write about only for the sake of wanting to complete them within a reasonable time frame will be a new workbench and an 18 century traditional tool chest. The tool chest I’m going to build God willing will be from the book “The Anarchist” which is Schwarz’s tool chest.

So why am I building this you may wonder?

A wall tool cabinet doesn’t help protect against dust hence rust and if I had to move house, I would have to wrap each tool and box them. In a tool chest you roll the chest onto the truck and you’re done. I plan on making cabinets for the workshop as well which I will record these projects for the magazine. I want to make clocks which I think is a little overdue but I’ve been making them for so long, I wanted to do other things for a while.

So there you have it in a nut shell.

Issue V October 2018 Release

After such a long wait it’s here, and it’s FREE again. I’ve shortened the number of articles so as not to blow out the number of pages. Even by doing that I’ve STILL managed to make it over 100 pages. I will try my best to lessen it in the next Issue.

The topics covered in this Issue are great and I owe my gratitude as usual goes out to my contributing editor Matt McGrane and our contributing Author Paul Brittan who wrote the 2nd part of “The rise and fall of Simmonds handsaw.

The plans for the cradle is available on Etsy, I must somehow cover the cost of materials. If you like the project then please support the magazine by purchasing the plans or through donations or both.

I hope the magazine is useful and lives up to your expectations.


Issue V Release 2 Days to go!

I know its taken a long time but it’s finally done. Issue V is ready and will be available to download at midnight on Saturday 13, 2018 and yes it is FREE to download. There are some great articles covered including a detailed project article.

The magazine is free, unfortunately the materials isn’t. To help with covering the cost of materials I have set up a donations button on the main page. You can donate as much as you like. In addition to that I will be listing all project article plans/blueprints on my Etsy store for sale. All plans are drawn in CAD and printed in high quality PDF.

The doll’s rocking cradle plans are for sale now.

Doll’s Rocking Cradle