18th Century Violin and Harpsichord Making Part 1 George Wilson

George Wilson a legend in his own right is the guy who made many of the tools for the cabinet makers at Colonial Williamsburg. He was a master craftsman like all those you will see in this video.  This is a four part series shot in 1976 at the museum in Williamsburg and it is one of my most favourite and continually watched videos. I will release each new part over each day.


Small Router Plane Build Part 12 – Final

This is the final part of the build. I’m so glad I found these footage as I thought they were somehow deleted. The year is over and I’m already preparing for next year’s articles. I’m currently filming a new project article which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

That’s it from me folks, I hope you have a great time if your celebrating new years eve, I’ll be working and dealing with the drunks.

Take care everyone.