Desk Organiser


  • 5/16″ x 6 3/4″ x 8 5/8″


  • Red Cedar


  • Orange Shellac

This is entirely my design with a Chippendale theme to it.  This is an improved version of what I originally made which what I normally always end doing.  I build something then I change it and improve on it.  The feet were finicky because they’re so small but I ended up turning just right.

Next time I make I’ll make some joinery changes, the pencil holder is a straight 45 angle which was kind of difficult to keep it from moving when gluing up.  So next time I will do a tongue and groove.

I made on request from a friend of mine who is also a woodworker, he finished making all the props and sets including all the internals of the ship for the latest movie Pirates of the Caribbean. It still hasn’t been released geez I wonder if it will.  Anyway he’s a fantastic woodworker who is very much talented in hand tool work but sadly prefers machinery.  I think I’ll die first before I ever convince him to saw by hand.