“The Lost Scrolls of HANDWORK” is intended for the hand tool enthusiast. In these pages I hope to fill a void in today’s woodworking publications. I want to share with you the joy of working wood with hand tools, the ease with which hand tools can accomplish a task, the wisdom that came from centuries of working wood and the techniques that are rapidly being lost to antiquity.
Working wood with hand tools has grown exponentially in the last ten years. More and more people are turning towards the handcraft movement for various personal reasons.
It’s from this movement that this magazine was born. I hope to deliver many articles of a variety of projects throughout the years ahead, by way of contributing authors/artists. It’s my sincerest wish this magazine will bring out the best in all of us and introduce to you artisans never seen nor heard from before, the ones who are tucked away in their workshops from all the corners of the world.
This magazine is about our craft, it’s about you and me, it’s about our unsung heroes of the yesteryears. It’s all about woodworking.
I am constantly on the hunt for contributing authors. If you feel you’re up to the challenge to write an article for the Lost Scrolls of HANDWORK, please feel free to shoot me an email. Your generosity and expertise would be greatly appreciated. As always, dear readers, I welcome your feedback, comments and questions.

The magazine can be purchased for USD $5.00 from my Etsy Store