International Stool


  • 23 5/8″ x 9 7/16″ x 3/4″
  • 600m x 240mm x 400mm x 19mm


  • Radiata Pine & Cambia Ash


  • 100% Tung Oil and Blonde Shellac

Entirely handmade stool that is totally unique, in fact there is none like it anywhere in the world.  I wanted to make a completely unique stool that had style but characteristics of different cultures around the world. The inspiration came from the Shakers who were good Christians living in the USA, they never married and lived a simplistic life. They were a strong community most famous for their craftsmanship, today many woodworkers try to replicate their work.

Then theirs a strong element of Islamic mainly Moroccan style with the double bevel inlay and the beautiful arched legs, I am a huge fan of Islamic architecture and hope one day to replicate their design and furniture to the same elegance as they still do.

Finally a hint of Japan with the dark trim around the top.

The entire stool is made up of through mortises that are wedged making it very strong and stable indeed with the added brackets on the sides to stop any racking. There are no mechanical fasteners holding this stool together just pure hearty joinery.

Radiata Pine is Native to central and southern coastal California; also widely planted throughout the southern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, where pines are to a large extent absent, Radiata Pine is the most commonly planted and cultivated pine. It is valued on plantations for its fast growth.

Radiata Pine is grown almost exclusively on plantations—most notably in Chile, Australia, and New Zealand.

Cambia Ash The Cambia thermal modification process uses high heat in a controlled atmosphere to improve the durability of the wood as well as to increase its dimensional stability. A deep, natural color in special drying process provides a rich finished product that looks exotic without hurting the environment. This is one of my most favoured timbers.