Shaping the sole of the round Part 1

If you’ve been following this tutorial then you’re finally at the stage of shaping the sole of the round. This is a pretty big moment in your life because you’re on your way of becoming independent from eBay and antique dealers. You will be able to make any moulding plane you like within your budget.  You will be able to produce any number of variety planes and use them on your furniture creations.

Here is Part 2 as well.

Shaping The Sole Of A Moulding Plane Part 2


Work Zone Compressor

Aldi is selling a 50L compressor for $149. It’s a 2.5 hp motor, perfect for home use only. I reckon this thing would last many years, probably even your lifetime. I know you can’t buy one this cheap anywhere and I never said it’s awesome quality either but I think it’s worth having a look. I’m in Aldi looking at it now.

For the Aussies living on the Gold Coast you’ll find it at Helensvale Westfield shopping centre.


There is an acronym that may change your perspective. Fear is:


How would your life change if you approached fear this way instead of allowing it to be the driving force in your life?

This article is for me, I’m writing about me, I’m thinking aloud and sharing my inner deepest darkest secret; Fear.

Writing articles is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. It’s much simpler to build than to write.  I’m competing with professional journalists and writers like Christopher Schwarz and Meghan Fitzpatrick who is also or was a Professor teaching literature and a former editor at Popular Woodworking.  Does it mean I know less? No, it means they are better at wording it and so writing an article is simple for them whilst for me it’s a daunting task.

The thought of them opening one of my magazines and reading an article or two is intimidating and an honour for me if it happened.

I’ve produced videos of poor quality but packed with sound information that proved to be useful to some people who shared their appreciation and seal of approval with me. The thing is, you don’t need a lot of money to contribute. You don’t need professional cameras and lighting to contribute. You need none fancy introduction or gimmicks to get your thoughts out there. What you need is compassion for people, a willingness to do it and be rid of one major obstacle that stands in most people’s way and that is “fear”.

Fear is the driving force why many people are deterred from writing. What will people think? What if they don’t like my writing? What if I’m ridiculed and criticised? There are far too many “what ifs” It’s risky to put yourself out there for all the world to see. But what if you turned those fearful “what ifs” into something positive? What if your pain is the path to another person’s healing? What if you could change, even save, someone’s life? What if you help someone who is without hope? What if writing actually helps to heal you?


Announcing our March 2017 Workbench Idea

Lake Erie Toolworks Blog

We have a truly unique and amazing Workbench Idea for you that comes from Gerald L. who hails from Carlin, Nevada.  Carlin is near the Carlin Trend which happens to be one of the most productive gold mining areas in the United States.  Clearly, more than one type of gold can be mined in Nevada as Gerald truly hit the mother lode when he created this phenomenal workbench.
Lake Erie Toolworks, Leg Vise, Wooden Leg Vise, Tail Vise, Roubo Workbench,Lake Erie Toolworks, Leg Vise, Wooden Leg Vise, Tail Vise, Roubo Workbench,Lake Erie Toolworks, Leg Vise, Wooden Leg Vise, Tail Vise, Roubo Workbench,WB-March2017-4-WebWB-March2017-5-Web

Built this bench in 2015 inspired by all the beautiful benches @ work bench of the month (on Lake Erie Toolworks Website, now known as “Workbench Ideas”).  I don’t consider it a certain style, just the size for area I had to put it, w/accommodation for items I wanted it to store.

It’s white oak w/pine drawer boxes. leg vice w/Lake Erie maple screw which I sleeved w/oak to match bench and scissor for alignment control. Shoulder vice w/Lie Nielsen slide hardware…

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