History and how to make a wooden bucket

George Smithwick is a sixth generation cooper who makes traditional wooden buckets and barrels. He is continuing a family tradition that began in the 18th century in Ireland.


Now this guy is a True Master Craftsman


I don’t know the name of this machinery, but as the craftsman described it: “It’s used for jewellery to draw wire into different sizes.”

So why am I showing you this, because this guy built this entire machine from scratch himself.  Let me elaborate this; he moulded every metal part and I mean everything you see here including all the wiring.

2j  This guy is the same guy who built this hand drill down below


The hand drill above is his and the one below it is from Bridge city. There is no comparison between the two. We have always been astonished at the high level of workmanship bridge city has been working to and now this guy has clearly surpassed them by light years.


734Who do you reckon this guy is, he has no blog, doesn’t market nor sell any of his stuff on the net. Very little is known of him except that his work is outstanding. His work motto is; it’s finished when it’s finished. His name is Abiel Rios and he’s a a true master of his craft.

I hope this inspires you like it has me.

Abiel Rios

Three crafts are utilised to make one chest of drawers. It’s beautiful to watch, but what will happen when these craftsmen pass away. Will this craft exist only 300 years from now? Will anyone care? Does anyone care now?