Prayer times Wall clock


  • Camphor Laurel


  • Kunos Livos

This was the most difficult clock to scroll, being at 36″ long and the blade being less than 5″ from the end of the table there wasn’t enough table space to stabilise this clock.  Progress was painstakingly slow and nerve racking as the crescent could’ve easily been cut off by mistake.  I’ve only ever done 6 of these clocks and would do it again in a heartbeat.  The results are outstanding as with beautiful grain as with this one it really is worth the effort.  A great deal of effort goes into preparation prior to scrolling, all the planing and scraping before hand.  The timber has to be almost ready for finish prior because once scrolled you run the risk of tearout and snaps.

The badges are detachable magnetic strips and I had the badges specially made, I also recessed the magnetic strips and used a very high quality with super strength double stick tape.  I sometimes use this tape to clamp down when working with small object for grooving nothing else would work.