Turbo Cut Japanese Bowsaw Blades

Turbo-Cut 400 Scweif No.712972

This is a Japanese blade made for a bowsaw. I bought the bowsaw some years back from woodjoytools whom isn’t in business anymore. I paid a hefty price for it but the saw is so well made that I knew if I didn’t buy it I would have regretted it. If you want to know more about the bowsaw and from which bowsaw Glen Livingstone copied it from, watch this video.

I haven’t used my bowsaw in a while and seem to have forgotten just how well the blade cuts. Well, yesterday I was reminded just how well the blade cuts. It cuts through like butter with no exaggeration, a 3/4″ pine. I was cutting up some curved stretches 18″ long, and it astounded me at the speed with which it cut. I looked at the blade and saw typically hardened Japanese teeth, and I just cannot explain what makes it cut so fast. The downside to these blades is their widths. They are too wide for tight radiuses and definitely cannot do scroll work as highland woodworking advertises on their website. The other downside for me is that I cannot purchase a 1/8″ blade from toolsforworkingwood because they do not fit my saw. Which is why, if you’ve ever wondered, you see in pictures of old workshops several hanging bowsaws. Well, that’s my theory, anyway.

I can’t help but wonder though how well would this blade design work in ripping a long board of say an inch or two inches thick. No western saw that I have ever used can saw through timber at the speed I experienced with this saw.

If you wonder where to purchase these blades I have provided the links below. They are not cheap.


The WoodWorks

The United States

Highland Woodworking