To ensure enthusiasm of good workmanship among craftsmen, they must be relieved of the hard pressure of circumstance. They must neither be pressed for time nor by want. They must be removed from the necessity of slovenly production. They must be led to perceive and acknowledge the value: that is usefulness or the beauty of the materials which they daily handle; so that waste, that enemy of the workshop, may not enter to create dissension between the employer and the employed. They must be taught to respect the work of their own hands, so that it may com to be for them a subject of great interest, care and love. They must be made to feel their worth and dignity as producers, as one of the prime factors of organised and civilised life.

An old craftsman

This is an audio file of an old craftsman’s thoughts on the craft many, many years ago.  It’s funny to note and I am noticing as I research even deeper into the craft of the yesteryears that the complaints and wisdom are very much identical to what we see and hear today.  Go make yourself a cuppa and enjoy this short story.