Emir Wooden Smoother for Sale

I’m offering my Emir smoother for sale

Made in London from solid beech, 9 3/8” long x 2 9/16” the iron is full length and original it’s 1 ¾” wide. Sole is flat and plane is in great condition.  Small hammer marks on the toe and heel of the plane all thanks to me.

The iron is honed and surgical sharp and I really mean surgical sharp so be very careful when you pick it up.

I purchased it a few years ago in its original box, there wasn’t a mark on it as it’s never been used.  I threw the box away, I know it was dumb to do so but I did.  The guy that sold it to me said it was his grandfather’s before he passed away, he said he had it since 1923.  I’m not actually sure if he was telling the truth as the box looked like it was from the 50’s but then again he could be telling the truth.  I’ve posted a picture of what the box looked like.

It’s a great smoother but I don’t need it as I have a smoother and am starting to downsize my tools of doubles of what I already have to make room for the ones I’m making.

Emir is a long-standing tool making company that’s been around since 1852.  It was originally based in Remscheid, Germany and later moved to Bermondsey, London in 1932.  Emir was begun by Friedrich Wilhelm Emmerich no relation to Wilhelm Klink lol I just had to put that in.

Price is $40 plus shipping.  If you want it send me an email with your postage details and I’ll email you back with the shipping quote.  If you accept it payments can be made through paypal or bank transfer.

Going, going, gone!  SOLD to Dave

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