Issue 10 Final Release

I’m proud to say that Issue 10 is released, and it’s FREE. It’s our way of saying thanks for the support over the three years running that “The Lost Scrolls of handwork” has been serving you. It started off free and ran for many issues being free, and it finished for free.

The idea started back in 2017 for a community-based magazine that would have been run by the community for the betterment of our vast worldwide woodworking community, hobbyists and professionals alike where everybody would have had an input. This meant people would have had to donate their time to contribute towards this great idea, and in this age of information technology this knowledge would have reached every corner of the globe.

In the 18th century you would have been killed if they shared knowledge about the craft with anyone outside, they’re locality for fear of competition. However, in this day and age of mass-manufactured machine goods very few things are done by hand and this knowledge if not preserved and passed onto others would be lost forever. Are we still not scratching our heads about how the pyramids were built? Do we need to do the same for furniture, tool making, metal working etc.? Francis Young was of the same opinion which is why he started “HANDWORK” Jacque Roubo probably felt the same as he was the first chap to write an extensive book on woodworking which we still rely on today.

The need is there, but the desire to equal that need isn’t, so unfortunately for everyone this magazine has run its course and must come to an end.  

I want to thank my friend and editor from the United States Matt McGrane for being the first to stick up his hand to volunteer as an editor for the magazine. Without him, this magazine would have ended long ago. He was the pillar that kept the roof from collapsing. I’m the first to admit that I’m no writer. Matt would pick my articles apart until I thought blood would start coming out of my eyes. I remember sitting up till late hours into the night rewriting almost everything from scratch and then get up four hours later to go to work. He is a very patient man whom I admire very much as an editor, craftsman and friend. Matt, thank you on behalf of our readers and myself for your service to the woodworking community worldwide. Please check out his blog:

I also want to say thank you to the authors who donated their articles to us. We have greatly appreciated your contributions. These are:

I hope I haven’t missed anyone.

Finally, thank you to our readers for without you none of this would have been possible.

Please enjoy your free issue of the final issue of “The Lost Scrolls of handwork.”