Glue Application Chart

Here is a glue application chart I obtained from woodsmith for your convenience to download.  I can’t deny it’s accuracy, it’s pretty much spot on.  You can also download my own chart I have compiled in my previous post.


I don’t claim I have all the answers and I don’t claim to be a teacher of any sort, my aim is only to pass on information I know and learn along the way.  If it is of any benefit to you, then I have achieved my objective, but ultimately what you do with it is up to you.


2 thoughts on “Glue Application Chart

    1. I know what your thinking but I believe it to be more correct than the advertised belief of 30 mins open time for LH. In the chart it states 3 mins for hide, this is pretty much standard for a 250gram strength, even so for 192 gram strength. I can’t speak for titebond’s LH as theres no heating involved and 30 mins open time would be correct but for OBG LH there is no way that it you will get more than 5 mins open time with it. I use only OBG LH and their hot hide and I’ve never experienced lengthy open times with either of them. Both need heating and both cool at the same rate, LH gels slightly slower than HH but still you need to maintain the heat and apply it hot to maximise the bond. I think that chart is more accurate than what’s been advertised.


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