Tip of the day – Gang chute

Have you ever had several pieces to shoot and was annoyed that some where slightly overshot? Well this little tip will  make every shooting experience a pleasing one.


Gang all your pieces together and flush one end as best you can then clamp them so that there’s no slippage and shoot.


It’s a no brainer, 100% accurate perfectly flush ends.

The worst case scenario if you over shot, then you’ll have four pieces to cry over, not just one.


18th Century Violin and Harpsichord Making Part 1 George Wilson

George Wilson a legend in his own right is the guy who made many of the tools for the cabinet makers at Colonial Williamsburg. He was a master craftsman like all those you will see in this video.  This is a four part series shot in 1976 at the museum in Williamsburg and it is one of my most favourite and continually watched videos. I will release each new part over each day.